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*****************Final equipment turn in will be next wednesday, November 19th. 5:30-7 pm. 
This will be the final turn in, so if you can not make it, please make arrangments for someone else to turn it in for you!! There will be a $30 late fee for anyone not turning in their equipment on time, and you will loose your priority sign up status.
Thank you!


**********Our Midgets have done it! They've made it all the way on to the Superbowl:

Superbowl is located at Foothill High school. The address is 9733 Deschutes Road, Palo Cedro.

We are playing Colusa!

We are "away" so we will be wearing white jerseys!

There will be a booth set up selling superbowl shirts, and I have sent the boys info, so they will be on the shirts.
Make sure you check it out 

Practice this week is normal times, and still located at PV high school.

As our season comes to an end we want to Thank everyone for making this season a successful and amazing experience! 


**Annual Coaches Alumni game Updates: 
Attention all south coaches playing in the alumni game u need to sign up on the site under the norcal fed coaches bowl section so this event will happen. Also Monday practice is canceled until further notice.
*Sunday practices have been moved to 10-12 at Harrison stadium.

**SCORCHERS PARENTS: Let's be sure that we are remembering to check the website, as well as making it to our positions at the correct times that you are assigned. Make sure that you are signing in and out to account for your volunteer hours.
**Reminder each individual family is responsible for 8 hours for the season!
Please see the Links and Forms tab for more info.

***Scorchers Parents the information and link to sign up for your volunteer hours is located in the Links and Forms tab. Remember this year you have a total of 8 volunteer hours to meet for your family!!!

**Welcome to the Scorcher Family!

-There are many updates throughout the season, so please make sure you are getting the mass emails that go out. If you are not receiving them, please click here to be added to our emailing list:

-We try and communicate as much as possible. We have the following sites for you to keep up with all information that we send out: we have our Facebook page (Chico Scorchers Football and Cheer), the mass email and our website. There is a lot that goes on during the season that you need to be updated on, so please read all of the emails that come out, as well as stay tuned to our sites that are available.

-Practices are held at Chico High on the fields behind the school.

-Home games are located at Hamilton High School.

*Volunteer Hours~ Each family must work 8 hours. To sign up for your hours please go to See the above TAB ( Links & Forms) for information to sign up so that you meet your required hours!!! Please contact Vanessa Phanor with any questions or concerns, contact information is on the Contacts tab.

-Football Players will have 2 jerseys,
White: Away Games Black: Home Games
The appropriate jersey must be worn. It is a NorCal Fed rule that all of our football players have to be dressed alike. Even down to the socks. All black socks on game days, except for October pink month, we will be handing out socks during that time and they must be worn by all players. Game pants are always black.

**Cheer Practice wear~~Girls must wear athletic tennis shoes with laces, no slip ons or vans. They also need to wear red or black shorts (four fingers under butt) or an athletic pant. No zippers, buttons, pockets or draw strings. The tops can be red, white or black. If you wear a tank top no spaghetti straps or swoop necks. If you wear any razor back tops an appropriate bra needs to be worn. Also no shirts can be worn that have been cut open on the sides

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time Event
June 18th 6-7pm Scorchers Parent Night@ Chico JR MPR
June 17-19th 9am-Noon Chico HS Football Youth Skills camp
June 22nd 8am Start Scorchers Golf Tournament@ Tuscan Ridge Course
July 8th 6-7pm Coaches/Board Members Mtg@ Round Table
July 9th 6pm Scorchers Board Mtg@ Logan's
July 16th 6-7pm JR Midget & Midget Equipment handouts
July 17th 6-7pm JR PW, Pee Wee and Mighty Mite Equip. handoout
July 26th 5-9pm Parents Social@ La Salles Downtown
Aug 2nd 7:30pm- Noon Mighty Mites & JR PW Cheer Camp
Aug 3rd 7:30- 4pm PW, JR Midget & Midgets Cheer Camp
Aug 9th   Scrimmage@ Corning
Aug 16th   Jamboree@ Wheatland
 Aug 16th 3-7pm  INAUGURAL BREWFEST- Support local football
Aug 23rd All day Home field versus Durham
Aug 30th All day @Colusa 
September 6th All Day Home Field versus West Valley
September 13th  All Day Almond Bowl!!! @ Home field versus Chico Jags
September 20th All Day @Lindhurst Blazers
September 27th All day Home field versus Sutter huskies
 October 4th All day @ Wheatland
October 11th All day @ Paradise
October 12th All day Cheer Competition@ Las Plumas HS Oroville
October 18th All Day Home field versus River Valley Falcons
November 8th All Day Championships
November 15th 4pm Scorchers Midgets VS Colusa Superbowl @Foothill High School, 9733 Deschutes Road, Palo Cedro
November 22nd 5pm Norcal Feds Coaches Bowl@ TBD


*To Subscribe to Scorchers emailing list please click the link listed below:

*We also encourage you to find us on Official Scorchers Facebook as we post updates and information on our page as well. 

::A few Housekeeping notes::
Just as a reminder, you are responsible for all of your players gear! The Scorchers will not replace any lost or stolen equipment without full payment. Please remind your players to keep track of their pads & helmets. It is not their coaches responsibility! 
Please be respectful to all board members and coaches, we are all volunteers out there doing this because we care for the organization and the players. Please keep that in mind. Yelling on the field, or in the stands at the coaches, board members, and especially the players in a negative way will NOT be accepted. Individuals seen doing so will be escorted from the area. Let's stay positive and keep this positive for the kids!
Also, please be courteous and pick up all trash!!! Chico & Hamilton High Schools have been nice enough to let us use their fields, we need to keep them clean.
Thank You

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